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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation 

You want me to do what with my what?!

While the idea of consuming the placenta is not new, placenta encapsulation is a newer idea in western culture, and it's ok if you're not sure if it's for you or if you know for sure it's not. But, for those that choose it, placenta encapsulation can be a wonderful gift to yourself for your postpartum time. The transition from pregnancy to postpartum can be quite a roller coaster ride, and the consumption of your placenta, in any form, can help ease that transition and make for a happier time! 

One of the biggest concerns I hear about encapsulation is the possibility of cross contamination. Everything that your placenta comes in contact with is brand new, from the utensils to the dehydrator trays to the cups and blades for grinding to a powder. The only items I reuse are the actual dehydrator itself (top mounted fan), the Magic Bullet base, and the pan for steaming TCM prep capsules, none of which have any direct contact with the placenta. And all of these items are cleaned with a medical grade cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution for 20 minutes for items that can be submerged. Additionally, I only ever work on one placenta at a time. If I should have two in my possession at one time, they are clearly labeled with the client name, and are processed to completion, in the order I pick them up, before starting the next. 


There are two main methods of encapsulating the placenta into capsule form for consumption - Raw and TCM. I offer both methods or a combination of the two if you are having a hard time making a choice!

Raw - The name here is deceiving because you are still receiving your placenta in capsules, but I don't actually do anything to the placenta before it's dehydrated, thus the name raw. This method still involves dehydration at 160 degrees so it's not a true raw food, it's simply a raw prep. This method tends to be more energizing than the TCM and also tends to yield more capsules. 

TCM - When using the TCM method the placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger root and hot pepper. This process warms the placenta and gives it tonifying properties. In chinese medicine warming the mother postpartum and using medicines that have these tonifying properties help her body to heal and move from pregnancy to post-pregnancy more easily. One thing to note about using TCM as your method of encapsulation is that should you become sick or have an infection of any kind you will need to stop taking your capsules until you are well, as the tonifying properties can cause illness and infection to drive deeper into your body.

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Other Placenta Goodies!

I also offer tinctures and salves that are made with your placenta

A tincture takes 6 weeks to procure and it's very helpful in times of emotional or physiological transition or stress, general healing from illnesses like coughs, colds, and ear infections, and is very helpful for return of menses to help regulate cycles and aid with PMS symptom (some people even use their tinctures to make homeopathic remedies for use in menopause!) . The tincture can also be used on your baby for the same uses listed above, including use with cycles should your child be female. 

Salves are also a great to have on hand as they can be used for your every day cuts and scrapes as well as rashes and any general skin irritation. Because it's made with the placenta powder all of the stem cells and antibodies that are present in your placenta are also present in the salve and make it perfectly formulated for you and your baby. 


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